Thursday, September 17, 2009

Vintage Interiors

My apologies for not posting on Movie Monday or Website Wednesday. I've been working a lot and have a lousy cold. 

I stumbled across this website by accident, but it's fantastic! is chock full of pictures, vintage advertisements, product recommendations, and much more. It's a fabulous place to load up on ideas and inspiration! Someday I hope to have a little place that I can decorate with 40's flair. I swiped this picture from RetroRenovation.

<-- I LOVE the red and chrome dinette set! It's my dream to have one of those. I start salivating whenever I see them at antique shops. However, I'm quite smitten with the pint-sized dinette, too. I've never seen one like that before.

I'm currently on the prowl for a vintage vanity. Preferably a wooden one with a BIG, round mirror and art deco styling.  (Photos of Rita Hayworth and Ava Gardner are from the Love Your Place blog.)

I'm also trying to find some shelf edging paper. It was very popular in the 40's and usually came in a scalloped edge. Here is a 1947 magazine ad. You were supposed to clip out the paper and try it on your shelves. I would like to find one with a checkered design, or cherries. If anyone knows where I could find some, I would appreciate your wisdom. :)

That's all for now, kids!
-Miss 1941

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  1. Hi!
    I'm so glad you stopped by my blog and joined in to follow! Your blog is terrific! The info on Retro Renovation is very helpful. I'm glad you like the dressing tables. I was wondering where you are located? I just found an art deco vanity on Craigslist in Los Angeles that is similar to what you're looking for. I bet you could negotiate the price lower too.
    The kitchen shelf paper is cute too! Bonnie :)