Sunday, March 31, 2013

Dancing Co-Ed (1939)

Dancing Co-Ed is one of my go-to movies. You know the ones that are easy to watch? The ones that pull you in and it's as if you're right there, right alongside the characters? Yeah, it's one of those!

Right before the dancing Tobius' ought to film a new production, his wife tells Freddy Tobius that she's pregnant. So the producer desperately has to seek a replacement and starts a countrywide competition among all college girls. However the contest is bogus: young dancer Patty Marlow is sent to a little college in the Midwest. Only Pug, a college reporter, suspects something. Source.

A simple plot that keeps you entertained, Lana Turner is at her best with Ann Rutherford as a wonderful supporting actress, and swinging music by Artie Shaw — this movie has it all.

And the clothing? Oh. My. Goodness. The absolute cutest dresses and outfits you have EVER seen! If you need some vintage fashion inspiration, look no further!

So next time you're looking for a movie to watch while pin curling your hair, grab Dancing Co-Ed. You won't be disappointed!