Monday, May 13, 2013

The Hollywood Collection Jewelry

The Hollywood Collection is in the business of creating stunning reproductions of the jewelry of stars from the Golden Age of Hollywood. The list of stars is endless: Carole Lombard, Ginger Rogers, Bette Davis, Jean Harlow — even Humphrey Bogart — and that's just scratching the surface!

I've received a couple pieces as gifts, and they are positively gorgeous! The quality of the jewelry is outstanding, and the packaging sumptuous and time-period authentic. Pieces start at $50, and they have wonderful weekly specials. This week, Bette's ring from Dark Victory is $20 off with free shipping. Sometimes they offer a free pair of earrings with a certain starlet's ring.

My two favorite pieces in my collection are from Lana Turner (of course!). Lana's Diamond Classic (top left) was a gift for my 21st birthday. So elegant and sophisticated with it's sleek emerald cut! My other favorite is Lana's Purple Passion (bottom right), worn in the film Johnny Eager. The color is rich, and when the light hits that baby — prepare to be wow-ed! 

A piece of jewelry from The Hollywood Collection makes a fabulous gift for the vintage lover, the movie lover, or anyone who truly appreciates a beautiful accessory. I cannot say enough good things about this company! Keep them in mind next time your looking for a special occasion gift, or for when you need a little reward yourself. ;)

Monday, May 6, 2013

Your Questions For My Grandmother, Part 1

Here are my Grandma's answers to your questions. These questions were submitted by Valerie.

What were some of the shortages you faced during WWII?
The main shortages were gasoline. You had coupons for that. Also meat and eggs were scarce, so we didn't get much in the line of meat. My mom [Courtney's great-grandma] was a great cook, so she learned to make cake without eggs — she used Mayo instead! Not too much baking going on then, but she made delicious bread. I really wonder how she put on the meals she did.

How did you deal with those shortages in terms of clothes, cooking, etc.?
We didn't really have a problem about clothes. We didn't have much money to buy a variety of different dresses — pants weren't really in vogue yet. My sister and I would borrow from each other.
Also, sugar and butter were in great demand — we had little red chips for them. That is when Oleo came into use — my mom would not use it! Actually, it was lard with a little yellow ball in the bag. We would work it into the lard and it would color it yellow. UGH!

Please feel free to submit more questions for my Grandma in the comments below! :)

Friday, May 3, 2013

Photo Friday: Barbara

Yes, I know, there's been quite a few Barbara Stanwyck Photo Fridays lately. But this photo struck me speechless!  The flowers in her hair are absolutely GORGEOUS! 
Have you ever seen such large clusters of flowers arranged so perfectly?  I want to place an order for Belle's Blossoms Lilac Side Combs ASAP! 
The bracelet in this picture is so unique! As well as her round ring. I also love how she has a not-so-small pinky ring on the other hand.
Such bold accessories all tying the outfit together beautifully!

What stands out to you about this picture?