Friday, September 25, 2009

Photo Friday: Ann Sheridan

Today is bonus day: you're getting three pictures instead of one! (Honestly, I just couldn't pick one. Haha.)

I love this picture of Ann Sheridan sitting on her vanity, applying her lipstick. It's just so classic and glamorous! (This photo is from Listal.)

Ann Sheridan is such a pleasure to watch as an actress, but I don't know too much about her life and career. She was paired with James Cagney in several movies. Her movie career was steady through the 30's and 40's. But by 1950, it was hard for her to find work. Sadly, she died in January 1967 at age 51, from esophageal and liver cancer.
Ann Sheridan has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 7024 Hollywood Boulevard.

During WWII, Ann was a very popular pin-up, and was named "The Oomph Girl".

Isn't her skating dress adorable?? It's typical to see publicity photos of the stars on the beach or by a swimming pool, but I believe this is the first one I've seen with figure skates. You can also see the cigarette in her left hand.

If anyone knows what movie this would be from or for, please let me know. I was looking at a magazine add for "Winter Carnival" (1939), but her hair and make-up have a more 1940's look.

(This photo is from Dr. Macro. A fabulous place for high quality photos of the stars.)

I had to post this one because of her fabulous hair style, and her great shoes! (This photo came from SkyLighters.)

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