Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Everyday Vintage #2: Forever 21

I spotted these cute wedge sandals at Forever 21. They're priced at $24.95. I thought they had a 40's feel, but I wasn't sure about the "rope" finishing on the sides. Was that sort of styling around in the 40's or 50's?

Friday, January 14, 2011

Everyday Vintage #1: American Living Belted Peplum Dress

I'm going to be starting a new blog series called Everyday Vintage. I'll be posting modern findings that are vintage inspired or vintage repros.

While walking around JCPenney's yesterday I found this adorable peplum dress!
It is by the Penney's brand, American Living. You can definitely see the 1940's influence. Especially when you compare it to the vintage sewing patterns at the end of this post.

The dress is made of polyester/elastane, which feels nice but is not a fabric I find to be very flattering — unless you're
wearing Spanx!

Priced at $100.00, but currently on sale for $75.00. I find $75.00 to still be a little steep. Being as it just came out for spring, the price will probably go down a little more in the coming months.

I always find it very exciting to find vintage style being sold in everyday stores. For those who can't sew, dressing in 40's style clothing can be very expensive — whether you buy reproductions or the real thing. Pieces, like this American Living dress, help make that classic style more accessible to those of us on a tighter budget.

Click here to view the dress on the Penney's website.