Monday, May 14, 2012

Yard Sale Finds

This past Saturday my Mom and I ran across a yard sale on our way to run errands. Yard sales aren't very common in Baltimore, you might find 3 on a Saturday — if you're lucky — and they usually won't have very good prices or items (at least not for the vintage lover! Mostly children's clothes, toys, As-Seen-On-TV junk that doesn't work, etc).  So when we spotted a sale at this house we were very elated!

We had stopped at this lady's rummage the other year and she had scads of sewing supplies! Her items were clean, super cheap, and extremely organized. She's lovely to talk to — we probably ended up spending most of the time talking more than shopping!

For $6.00, I came away with three zippers, three tape measurers, a gorgeous rhinestone pin, a bundle of safety pins, and a Dritz tracing wheel. This pin was the most expensive item at $3.00. I bought all the tape measurers because I never have one handy when I need one! They seem escape from my knitting bag and sewing box.


  1. Those are GREAT finds! I love the pin! It's gorgeous, and you can never have too many tape measures:)

  2. Those tape measures are so cute, and that brooch is fantastic!