Friday, May 4, 2012

Photo Friday: Esther Williams & Van Johnson

From the movie "Thrill of Romance (1945)", this photo captivates me for so many reasons:
1. It's Van Johnson.
2. Esther is simply gorgeous: her hair is perfect, her dress stunning, her expression perfect.
3. Van has an Eighth Air Force Patch.
4. All of the above adds up a picture of beautiful 1940s-ness.

Has anyone ever seen this movie? The description from IMDb has me ready to run out and buy it for the weekend!
"A swim teacher and a wealthy businessman are married after a brief courtship. A charming war hero falls in love with this newly-married woman, after her husband abandons her on their honeymoon for the sake of a business meeting."


  1. Courtney-you will love this movie. I've been considering buying it too:)

  2. Sam's Club has the Esther William's Collection for $18.95. It has "Thrill of Romance" and another Van Johnson movie in it, too! I might have to head over there this afternoon ;)

  3. Courtney-did you go to Sam's Club? :)

  4. Sadly, I didn't. :( It wasn't in my budget this week. Hopefully I can squeeze it in soon, though!