Friday, October 28, 2011

Everyday Vintage #9: Winter Gloves

Target has a very large selection of lovely gloves. My favorite pair are the green suede ones on the left. The accent stitching on the top of the hands and three tiny buttons at the wrist give them a 1930's-Myrna Loy feel. While the navy blue leather-like pair, in the middle, have a 1940's style to them. All are priced at $19.99.


  1. How cute! I think I need to go to Target!

  2. There are sooooo many other styles, too! These were just the ones that stood out to me. There's a great variety of black ones.

  3. Oh Myrna Loy! I'd love to be as stylish as her! These gloves are great-and I'd like a pair of each color, too:)

  4. Oooohh, how wonderfully pretty! I wish we had Target up here in Canada, as I find it tricky to track down modern gloves that channel a distinctly vintage vibe.

    Wishing you a gorgeous Thursday,