Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Nothing makes me feel more vintage than lipstick — 40's red or 50's pink. I wish I could pull the red off, but it's not the most flattering color on me. However, Clinique is offering their free bonus gift right now, and in my gift was a full size "All Heart" lipstick. The website says it is in the pink family, but i think it leans towards the red (the color is definitely darker in person than how it appears on the website. I would say it looks more like "Red Red Red" in the tube). It's sheer but gives that pop of color without being harsh. It feels light, not greasy. "All Heart" is going to be hanging out in my purse from now on. ;)


  1. I agree! I was reading that in England during the war lipstick was called "the red badge of courage" and women were urged to wear it every day to keep up morale. It's the one bit of makeup I always keep close by too. I'll have to check out Clinique:)

  2. Lipstick for good morale — that's funny because it's so true! It's amazing how the right lipstick can turn a bad mood around!

  3. Red lipstick is where it's at. Honestly, I feel like lipstick is often either overlooked or overdone. Girls in the 40's and 50's truly understood the right balance.