Saturday, April 10, 2010

Findings and Musings

Well, this blog is a rather mish-mash of things. I'll get back to posting articles from the 1944 Photoplay magazine in the next post, but I had a few things I just wanted to share with you.

First, I am currently reading "A Distant Melody" by Sarah Sundin. It is one of the BEST WWII fiction books I have ever read and I cannot wait until I finish so I can post a review. That being said, I was reading it yesterday and came to the part in the story when sugar had just come into the grocery store. Allie bought what she could with her ration and used most of it to make
applesauce. Then I became inspired and decided to see if I had any applesauce making skills. It
turned out wonderfully — although I'm sure I would have used a good portion of my sugar
ration in that one batch! I used my Grandma's recipe and thought you might like to add it to you file:


1. Peel, core, remove seeds, and cut apples into quarters.
Place in kettle and add 1 cup water. Cook apples to mush. Stir often — can add water if needed.

2. Now, add sugar and cinnamon to taste.

3. On VERY LOW HEAT, reheat applesauce. Be careful not to scorch.

4. Have jars filled with hot water to keep heated.
5. Put apples in hot jars.

6. To seal — put rubber rings in hot water — will seal tighter.

Now, I didn't put my applesauce in jars as I didn't make a big batch. I used 5 medium apples. Also, after I cooked them "to mush", I used a potato masher to break up the large chunks of apple.

Second, me and my family took a day trip to Hanover, PA, on Wednesday. We stumbled across a little consignment shop called "Chestnut Consignments". Me and my mom LOVE thrifting, so we stopped in. I came out with this adorable clutch purse at the grand total of $3.50!

The strap on the back is what sold me. I remember seeing Ginger Roger's in a movie with a clutch that had a strap, and I had been hunting for one ever since!

Lastly, I've been digging around for WWII inspired goodies on etsy. Check out these fantastic invitations from April Ink! The telegram reply cards are just too cute!

These would definitely be my pick for wedding invitations! Now I just need the groom . . .

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