Thursday, April 1, 2010


Easter should be easy for me to write about, but it isn't. It's not hard either, I just want to express myself in words that make sense.

I am . . . . beyond thankful for the love of Jesus Christ. Humbled and broken that He would die for my sins. He didn't have to. He's God. But He wanted to! He wanted to lay down His life so I could be made right with God, so I could have a relationship with Him! I believe it to my core, yet it's still hard for me to wrap my brain around that. The One who hung the stars, who holds the universe in His hand wanted to communicate with Courtney. But that could only happen if I paid the price for sin, which is death. He loved me so much that He gave His Son in my place — so I could live.

Praise You, Jesus! Thank You for loving me, for coming after me, and for not giving up on me when I repeatedly sin against You. Jesus, I don't have the ability to put it all into words! You are so good! Thank You!

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