Monday, December 21, 2009

Delightful Retro Finds

Me and a few friends went to lunch at Wendy's today. I love Wendy's. Anyway, they are selling travel mugs for $2.99, and all the proceeds go to the Disabled Veteran's Memorial Fund. There are two style choices. The one I picked has two vintage Coca Cola ads on it from WWII. It's a great stocking stuffer or treat for yourself. Plus you get coupons inside! I tried to find a picture but didn't have success.

My second find of the day was the book "Make Do and Mend". It is a book of reproduction instruction leaflets from WWII. I had seen it on Amazon a few months ago, but found it today at Daedalus books for $5.00. It is full of wonderful WWII-ness, but the info is practical and
useful today: how to darn socks, repair a button hole, storage of your clothes, saving fuel, making slippers, cutting down adult clothes and turning them into children's clothes — and that's just scratching the surface. It is definitely a must have for those of us looking for vintage books and resources.
There is also another book in this series, "Eating for Victory". It's next on my list. ;)


  1. Cute book! I may have to swing by Wendy's now.... :o)

  2. I'm putting those books on my list too! My favorite Christmas present this year was "Everyday Fashions of the Forties as Pictured in Sears Catalogs" (