Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas Cards and Barbara Stanwyck

Imprinted Christmas cards bother me. Can't we take the time to sign our own name? I understand if you have mammoth amounts to send out, but still — it's so much more personal and meaningful if it's in your handwriting. That was my rant for today ;)

The other day I was browsing a movie catalogue and came across "The Barbara Stanwyck Show". I never even knew Miss Stanwyck had a show, and I am absolutely thrilled!!! You can buy it on Amazon here. Only one season was made, and this DVD collection (volume 1) has 15 of the 22 episodes. Each episode is a drama, and they are full of guest stars. Barbara Stanwyck won "Best Actress in a Dramatic Series" for her show. (Which makes it surprising that there is only one season!) As a bonus feature on the DVD you get to see her making her Emmy acceptance speech.

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