Monday, April 23, 2012

Everyday Vintage #11: QVC's Titanic Collection

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Titanic, QVC has put together a stunning collection of collectables: jewelry inspired by artifacts recovered from the Titanic, replica flatware, replica dinnerware, and a lovely perfume, " Legacy 1912".

Out of the whole collection, the perfume intrigues me the most. It smells wonderful (there was sample with my order): very light and warm. Included with the sample was a card that told the story behind the fragrance:

"Adolphe Saalfeld was a first-class passenger onboard the Titanic. A British perfume maker, he was on his way to America to realize his dream. Fortunately, Adolphe was a survivor; but he left behind his precious case of perfume vials. These vials, along with the leather case they were housed in, were recovered from the ocean floor, and now 100 years later, Adolphe's dream resurfaces with a new fragrance inspired by his legacy.

Today's perfumers have been inspired by the actual essences found in the surviving vials to create a fragrance Adolphe may well have mastered himself. Delicate lemon and neroli, blushing rose with warm sheer amber — a sophisticated classic perfume designed for today's woman."

I know the perfume was just "inspired" — it's not a true scent from the era, but it does smell lovely, and you have to admit: wouldn't that bottle look just stunning on a vintage waterfall vanity??

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