Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Whirlwind December

Christmas is this weekend?? HOW did that happen? Usually I'm on top of my shopping, baking, and general Christmas-ness, but this year I feel like December just skipped over me. You can blame our toilet for 90% of it. Yes, you heard right, I blame the toilet. Two weeks ago I noticed a leak. When my dad check it out, it led to having to take the toilet out, which led to discovering more water damage, which led to taking up more of the floor, which led to finding A LOT of mold, which led to the bathroom being gutted down to the sub floor. Needless to say, the house has been in disarray as we've been involved with this construction project. Thank goodness for kind neighbors letting us use their shower!

Otherwise, December has just been busy and felt chaotic this year. Thankfully my boss has really toned down our work schedule for this week and next, so I am slowly settling into what's left of Christmastime. But as I baked cookies today and shiny packages started appearing under the tree, I can feel my festiveness increasing. ;)

All this to explain the lack of blog posts and lack of comments on your lovely blogs. It's been an exhausting month and I just haven't had it in me to keep up with the things I normally do.

How has your December been? Are you finished shopping and wrapping? :)


  1. Courtney, Christmas snuck up on me too. And I don't have a good excuse like your misbehaving toilet. Hopefully, your bathroom is all put back together soon! I hate home renovations for the inconvenience they cause, and when the disturbance is unexpected, it's even worse. You poor girl!
    What we miss this year is snow. We'll have our first un white Christmas in many years-but despite that, I'm feeling festive too. The pile of presents under our tree has me feeling curious like a kid again:)
    Merry Christmas, my dear! I value your friendship so much:)

  2. Yes! I think the worst part is the disruption to our everyday routine! It just throws you off your game.
    So sorry you won't have snow! We rarely have a White Christmas, but we have at least have cold. However, it was 62 today! 62 on December 22nd!! I was in flip flops! Lol.
    Your sweet Christmas card came in the mail today. :) I value YOUR friendship so much! Merry Christmas!

  3. Hi my friend! Just stopping in with a Happy New Year to you! :)