Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Everyday Vintage #2: Forever 21

I spotted these cute wedge sandals at Forever 21. They're priced at $24.95. I thought they had a 40's feel, but I wasn't sure about the "rope" finishing on the sides. Was that sort of styling around in the 40's or 50's?


  1. Those are so cute--they definitely have a 40s feel! And yes, espadrilles were worn then--check out this cute 1940s pair:

  2. Cute shoes! I can't wait for spring-and the warmer weather-so I can wear something other than snow boots!
    These definitely do have that 40's feel-and the rope styling-I thought-was popular in both decades. I'm going to go look through some of my vintage fashion books and see what they show for shoe styles. These darlings at $24.95-what a bargain!

  3. Espadrilles!! I couldn't remember the name! Thanks, Ladies. :)