Saturday, May 29, 2010

Big Weekend!

Tomorrow is our Memorial Day Picnic at church. There is much to do, but I am looking forward to it all. I'm going to be baking patriotic cupcakes and brownies to bring, getting my camera ready (I'm the "official" photographer. lol.), and preparing for my own Memorial Day celebration on Monday.

Our church picnic is always fun, but it doesn't really center around what Memorial Day is about. So this year, I'm planning to make Monday as patriotic as I can! My Mom was telling me how special patriotic holidays were when she was growing up — family get togethers, parades on Main Street, stores were closed. What has happened?! Now, Memorial Day is just a day off to go shopping at all the "MEMORIAL DAY SALE EVENTS". This year, I'm making a BIG deal over Memorial Day! We need to stop and remember all the men and women who sacrificed to keep America free. We need to thank God for our freedoms and for our country.

If I didn't have to work on Monday, I would be going to a Memorial Day service. Maybe next year. I am going to be making patriotic fans, star garlands, and other American decorations, as well as making other preparations for Monday with my family.

What is everyone else doing for Memorial Day?

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