Friday, March 12, 2010

Inside Stuff — Cal York's Gossip of Hollywood (Part 3)

Inside Stuff

Cal York’s Gossip of Hollywood

Surprise: Maybe you’ll be awfully surprised — and maybe you won’t — when Ginny Simms’ future plans are announced. But take our tip — she’s liable to become the bride of one of the top movie magnates before very long. And when she does, she’ll have the most amazing set of in-laws you could possibly imagine!

Odds and Ends: Jackie Coogan sure got himself a hero’s welcome every place he went during the few days’ leave he spent in cinema-town. His last date here was with Ramsay Ames. Ramsay has managed to date every possible male within a radius of a hundred miles! . . . Edith Fellows and Hal Chester, one of the original Dead End Kids, are setting their wedding date . . . Maureen O’Hara has a beautiful pair of ruby and diamond earrings. Given to her as a “baby present” by her husband Will Price . . . Helmut Dantine is still playing the feminine field with no one in particular leading . . . Don’t pay any attention to those silly rumors about Linda Darnell and Pev Marley. So far — so happy! Rudy Vallee bought his wife, Bette Jane Greet, a brand-new automobile just a few days before she went into court to divorce him. They’re still good friends and he tells everybody that it was all his fault.

Item-izing: Before Carole Landis left for that South Pacific tour, she and her husband Major Tom Wallace visited an orphanage and they’re thinking about adopting a child . . . Both the little twin girls born to Nancy Coleman and Whitney Bolton have bright red hair! . . . Marie Wilson is one of the most consistent Red Cross Blood Donors in Hollywood — just made her fifth trip . . . You can expect to see Felix Jackson’s engagement ring on Deanna Durbin’s finger — but any minute!

Ken Murray, genial master of ceremonies and man behind the famous stage play “Blackouts” which is now a Hollywood institution, gave a backstage party at the conclusion of its second year run.

Alan Ladd and his faithful Sue were on hand. Alan looks fir again, but after the horrible workout given him by director John Farrow in “Two Years Before The Mast” (there is no love lost between these two, believe us) Alan would either have to be in trim or dead. Seems to old Cal that Alan lately has grown cagey in his answers and conversation. Someone must have crossed him up or betrayed a confidence to prompt Alan to deliver such a set of cut-and-dried answers, all given with that enigmatic half-smile that helped skyrocket him to fame. Nevertheless, he’s one of our favorite persons and we’re for him. Sue is too.

Jackie Oakie slipped up behind and almost knocked old Cal through the wings with a hearty clap on the back.

Cute Marie Wilson was running all over the place showing off the bracelet Ken Murray had given her for never missing a performance. Carole Landis done to the teeth was all excitement because her husband, Major Tom Wallace, was due in town in a few days. (This marriage keeps going despite rumors.) W. C. Fields who kept wandering on and off the stage during the performance, to the delight of the audience, finally connected with the—er—liquid refreshments.

Donna Reed and her husband Bill Tuttle and Chester Morris and his cute wife Lily were a happy have-fun foursome.

If every star in town had the well-wishers this Ken Murray has what a world this would be.

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